Wholesome food ‘from tunnel to table’ – that’s what we guarantee!  The vegetables you’ll eat here are grown in our own Vegetable Tunnels using organic processes.

West Cork is described as “a place apart“.  The unique flavours and quality of our home-grown produce truly make our guesthouse “a place apart” in Clonakilty and throughout West Cork.  So after an invigorating walk on one of the magnificent local trails, you can enhance that vivacious feeling with healthy, home-grown food.

An Garrán Cóir Signature Dishes

  • Our very own poached garden apples with crepes.
  • A good green salad is the perfect complement to a delicious piece of quiche.

We are blessed in West Cork to have some of the best produce in the world, available most of the year round thanks to our mild climate and we pride ourselves on a variety of salad leaves that come from our garden.

If you have special dietary requirements please advise us at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Jo’s Top 20 Herbs & Spices

Rank Herb / Spice Comments
1 Garlic I use it in nearly every savory dish.
2 Whole Peppercorns Get a grinder and you won’t use pre-ground pepper again!
3 Oregano Rub between palms before adding to release more flavor.
4 Basil Goes well with oregano.
5 Dill Essential for fish.
6 Paprika Chicken Paprika – yummy!
7 Cumin Essential for Mexican dishes.
8 Cinnamon Baking and curries.
9 Nutmeg Baking and cream sauces. Better to grate your own.
10 Rosemary Lamb & poultry basic.
11 Saffron Truly worth the expense. A little goes a long way.
12 Sage A must for poultry.
13 Thyme Good with meat and poultry.
14 Parsley Good for adding color. Mild flavor.
15 Bay Leaf A must for soups and stews.
16 Tarragon Good with seafood and poultry.
17 Onion I use this as a flavour.
18 Chilli Get the real thing.
19 Celery Seed My potato salad has to have it.
20 Arrowroot Great for thickening sauces.

The use of fresh herbs in cookery is now quite widespread. The lady of the house might no longer have a still room in which to concoct special brews and sweetmeats but her kitchen shelves invariably boasts a collection of herbs, and one or two different oils, vinegar’s or conserves.

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